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 Frequently Asked Questions


I want to be a stallholder at one of the antique fairs. Who do I contact?

All listings for the antiques and collectables fairs have contact details for the organiser. ReadIt Publishing is not involved in the organisation of fairs.

What are your rates for editing?

Editing rates vary due to the condition of the manuscript. In general, costs are $40-$50/hour. Obviously a script that needs a lot of editorial work will need more hours than one that is in good condition. We will always provide a quote first before starting any job, once we have seen the material.

What are your rates for proofreading?

Proofreading rates also vary in accordance to the condition of the manuscript. Straight-forward proofreading rates start at $20 per hour. We will always provide a quote first before starting any job, once we have seen the material.

Do you take students for work experience?

Unfortunately, as a small publishing house, we do not have the space to take on students for work experience at this point in time.

Does ReadIt Publishing take unsolicited manuscripts for publishing?

At this point in time, no, we are not in the position to take unsolicited manuscripts.

I want to work in the publishing industry. Will you give me a job?

The staff at ReadIt Publishing are fully aware of the difficulties of starting in the publishing industry – we’ve been there, too! Whilst we can’t offer jobs, here are some suggestions to help you:

  • Undertake work experience. Most local charities have newsletters or information that goes out to people – which will need at least a proofread. They are always keen to take volunteers and you can get some great experience this way.
  • Network. Particularly in WA, knowing someone in the industry will get you further than waiting for that perfect job to turn up.
  • If you really want to work for a particular company, don’t just send them an email. Ring and talk to them direct, find out who the best person is to approach. If they invite you to send your resume through, make sure it is tailored for the company and is accompanied by a cover letter outlining how your skills could benefit them.
  • Consider relocating for a short time to gain experience. Most publishing jobs in Australia are on the east coast, and hence there are more opportunities for entry-level positions. This will give you the opportunity to see if publishing is really for you.

I heard you are now doing records management. Is that right?

Yes, ReadIt Publishing is pushing further into the information management arena with Document Deluge! More details can be found here.