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Privacy Policy

We understand that many companies and individuals have information of a sensitive nature pertaining to them or their clients and thus we take great care to ensure the highest possible levels of privacy.

To this end below are the details of our “Privacy Policy” which outlines our procedures on the collection and use of Client information.

"ReadIt Publishing Privacy Policy”

1:1 ReadIt Publishing will not provide any information, which you give us to any other organization or individual without your express permission or legal compulsion such as a Court order.

1:2 ReadIt Publishing will comply with the Federal Privacy Commissioner's prevailing Privacy Principles in all respects, and in particular will not misuse your personal information for third party marketing.

1:3 as part of routine administration, ReadIt Publishing collects project information such as correspondence records. These are not on-sold or disclosed to others except as required in clause 1:1

1:4 All clients may request access to the personal details collected by ReadIt Publishing in relation to themselves and the use of services owned by them. ReadIt Publishing wishes to ensure that such details are always correct and up-to-date, and will amend any inaccuracies or changes to details on request.

1:5 by law, ReadIt Publishing must retain some client details for a minimum of 5 years. However, ReadIt Publishing does not retain clients' personal information longer than is necessary for the purposes of compliance with the law and routine administration.

1:6 If ReadIt Publishing is ever sold to another organisation, the new owners must also comply with this privacy policy.

1:7 ReadIt Publishing keeps client information on controlled facilities, which are secured against unauthorised access. Proof of identity will be required before information is released to any person, including the client.

1:8 ReadIt Publishing typically communicates with its clients through a combination of Phone, Written, Faxed and Email correspondence

1:9 ReadIt Publishing is constantly improving and enhancing its services to clients, and may update this privacy policy from time to time. Any changes to the policy will be advised to clients.

If you have any queries or comments concerning the privacy policy, call ReadIt Publishing on 0432 996 492 or e-mail melissa@readitpublishing.com.au